CBD oil is present everywhere and in almost everything. With more states legalizing the use of CBD for medicinal reasons, the CBD market has seen a sudden spike due to its health benefits and absence of side effects. When CBD oil is administered to cats and pets, the results are promising.

Quality CBD oil for dogs is available at JustCBD online store. Their oils are of the right concentration, pure and tend to the needs of your pet. Whenever your pet gets restless due to fireworks, thunderstorm or experiences separation anxiety, CBD oil can be used to calm them.

CBD oil benefits for dogs:

There is evidence that CBD dog oil eases neuropathic pain and controls seizures. It has anti-inflammatory properties, cardiac benefits, anti-anxiety impact, appetite stimulation and possible anti-cancer benefits but there is no solid evidence yet about its effectiveness on dogs. Currently there are more researches going on and clinical trials are being conducted on dogs.

How do I select a CBD product?

  • Go for organic: Even if the product isn’t organic make sure it is free from pesticides, solvents or fungicides.
  • Avoid prioritizing price: The pricier ones are pure. The cheaper ones likely contain additives. Get one that offers a balanced value for price.
  • Analysis certificate: The certificate would reveal the amount of THC and CBD present in the product.
  • CBD as a liquid: Dog treats are available but if you prefer to be very careful about the dosage, get a CBD oil or tincture as they can be administered drop by drop.

CBD oil dosage:

Just like with humans, there is no standard dosage recommended and it is best to start with small doses. You’ll need to follow a trial and error method depending on your pet’s age and size. The general recommendation is 0.2 mg/ml per pound of your pet’s weight. Talk to a vet who is aware about CBD about the right dosage.

How do I administer CBD oil to my dog?

Oral administration in the form of oil/treats is seen to be effective. If you are going to be using it daily on your dog, you can mix the CBD oil to their food or serve a morning dog treat. There are sprays available for emergency applications.

Would CBD oil interfere with other medication?

CBD is usually safe to be used in conjunction with other traditional medicines. Nevertheless, it is best to consult with your vet beforehand. Many vets recommend using CBD oil for pets.

Potential side effects: The side effects are mild and include:

  • Dry mouth: There could be a decreased production of saliva leaving your pet thirsty often.
  • Lowered blood pressure: Overdosing could cause a slight temporary drop in blood pressure resulting in light-headedness.
  • Drowsiness: High doses given to calm anxiety may cause drowsiness.

If the CBD products are from trusted sellers, they are likely to cause fewer side effects. This alternative treatment option may be the answer for your pet’s woes and improve its wellbeing.