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  • Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are back together!

    2014/06/20 : 12:07 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    The gossips were right!
    Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez are – once again- back together! The celebs are dating again!
    For a few times now, there were gossips going on about the fact that they were seeing each other, but nobody had proof the news.
    Now we have, on Monday, the 17th of June, a video has been posted of Alfredo Flores birthday, a mutual friend of the celebs. In this video we can see Justin Bieber and Selena Gomez very close.
    Then, the celebs have been spotted hitting a recording studio, Tuesday, the 18th of June, in Hollywood.
    Now that the gossips are confirmed, it seems that they can't stop seeing each other!

  • News: Jennifer Lopez is finally divorced from Marc Anthony!

    2014/06/19 : 5:59 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony got married at the Beverly Hills residence of Jennifer Lopez in June 2004. But they broke up in 2011 and they started to live apart from this year.
    They were a famous Hollywood couple but they filed for divorce in April 2012. 
    To remind you the facts, Marc Anthony filed to be granted a divorce on April 9, 2012, and he asked for joint custody of their children.
    In answer, Jennifer Lopez also filed a response in court in December 2013, for a request for a joint custody.
    Whereas their divorce was not filed, they made each other their life on their own ways.
    Indeed, Jennifer Lopez was dating Casper Smart until the beginning of June 2014, but she is now single after the gossips about the potential cheat of Casper with the transexual model Sofie Vissa.
    Marc Anthony had date Shannon De Lima for a year. After their broke-up Marc Anthony started a romance with Chloe Gree. But they broke-up at the beginning of the 2014 year.

  • Quentin Tarantino and Uma Thurman are dating!

    2014/06/19 : 5:11 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Here are the news!
    Firstly, Quentin Tarantino, 51 years old and famous Hollywood producer, and Uma Thurman, world-known actress and 44 years old, are friends for a very long time. They are friends for 20 years, they met each other during the filming of the very famous movie "Pulp Fiction".
    For a few time now, some gossips about their relationship were burning on the Internet and in the Hollywood Sphere.
    Indeed, it was said, that Uma Thurman and Quentin Tarantino were dating for a few time now.
    Moreover, in April 2014, we learned that the actress broke up with her fiancé, Arpad Arki Busson, with who she had a little girl , Rosalind, soon two years old. It seems that she moved on with the Quentin!

  • News: Mark Wright and Michelle Keegan a trip to Rome for her birthday!

    2014/06/19 : 5:05 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Michelle Keegan, the ex-Coronation actress, turned 27 years old on the third of June. She is a british actress and she is known for her stylish approach to the latest fashions.
    She is married to Mark Wright since 2010.
    The celebs know each other, that's why her husband, Mark, decided to offer her a romantic trip to Rome for her 27th birthday.
    Indeed, Michelle always wanted to travel to Rome.
    She posted on her blog a few pictures and texts about their trip of 36 hours in Rome.
    She said: "Mark knows I have always wanted to visit Rome. I love a bit of culture and history!"

  • Gisele Bündchen will present the World Cup to the winner of the Fifa World Cup

    2014/06/19 : 1:32 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    The world known top model Gisel Bündchen will probably present the World Cup to the winner of the World Cup.
    According to reports, the Brazilian top model has been chosen for this event. It is such an honor as we know how Gisele supports her country.

    The last question is: " Who will win the Cup?"

  • Will Smith and Jada Pinkett won't be under investigation anymore!

    2014/06/19 : 1:28 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Earlier in the month, we talked to you about a story with the Smiths' daughter.
    A pic of her and an older boy in a bed had been published on the internet and it made such a big polemic.
    It was such a big deal that they had been under an investigation by the child protection service. It was said that the protection's service will keep eyes on the family and their activites as parents.
    But thankfully, this investigation won't last. Indeed, according to a source, the investigation won't have consequences. The Smiths' just need to keep watching the activity of Willow on the social media she uses.

  • Cara Delevingne's confession about modeling!

    2014/06/19 : 1:25 PM PDT BY HB Staff

  • Emma Stone and Andrew Garfield use message for charity

    2014/06/19 : 1:23 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    The famous couple was walking around in the street of New York when they decided to send a message.
    They used a very specific way that they've already used five years ago.
    They decided to hide themselves behind a little board on which a message was written. The message was dedicated to papparrazzi and explaining that it was better to pay attention to some associations instead of them.

    A really great act, that proofs one more time that Emma and Andrew are really exceptional.

  • Katy Perry becomes a music producer!

    2014/06/19 : 9:09 AM PDT BY HB Staff

    Here is a big news: Now you can speak about Katty Perry as a music producer!
    She has just created her own label, called Metamaphorsis Music, in collaboration with her record company, Capitol Records.
    She posted on Twitter: "
    I am so ECSTATIC to finally announce my NEW label Metamorphosis Music & my first signing, the incredibly talented & soulful FERRAS!"
    Ferras is a singer that performed every time before Katy Perry at her shows for the beginning of her international tour.

    One celeb who will produce celebs, how amazing it is!

  • Deryck Whibley finally changed his name!

    2014/06/18 : 1:39 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    After his wedding with the singer Avril Lavigne in 2006, the Sum 41's singer, Deryck Whibley had changed his name to Deryck Lavigne Whibley.
    On Thursday, the 12th of June, the justice finally gave the right to Deryck to own again his maiden name.
    Indeed Deryck asked for this change because he's going to marry Ariana.

    But Avril and Deryck are still close friends and she came to the hospital when Deryck had been hospitalized for problems due to his abuse of alcohol and drugs.

  • Mark Ballas injured in a car accident!

    2014/06/18 : 1:37 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    On Monday, the 16th of June, Mark Ballas has been involved in a car accident.
    The news comes from the site TMZ.com. It is said that it happened in LA. Mark Ballas was "driving his car and turning right when another car was speeding in his lane, couldn't stop in time and slammed into his back right side."

    Thankfully, Mark hasn't been injured too badly; he just suffers from whiplash and back pain. His doctors gave him a few meds to help him not to feel the pain.

  • Elisabetta Canalis revealed she suffered miscarriage!

    2014/06/18 : 1:34 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Elisabetta Canalis, the ex of George Clooney, who's now dating Brian Perri, revealed that she suffered a miscarriage while she was pregnant with her first child.
    She explains:
    "Unfortunately, life gives you…a reality that you do not expect, and that is very hard to accept, even if you think you are strong enough and prepared," she wrote, according to an English translation from the original Italian on the Daily Mail. "You're never really ready to be told that there is no more beating [heartbeat] and that it had already stopped long ago."

  • The 2014 MuchMusic Video Awards results!

    2014/06/16 : 5:10 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    The 15th of June, the MuchMusic Video Awards took place. It consisted on giving prizes to artists for their video.
    This year, the winners are the following:

    POST-PRODUCTION VIDEO OF THE YEAR: City and Colour, “Thirst”
    DANCE VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Autoerotique, “Asphyxiation”
    HIP HOP VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Drake, “Worst Behavior”
    MUCHFACT VIDEO OF THE YEAR: SonReal, “Everywhere We Go”
    DIRECTOR OF THE YEAR: Thugli, “Run This” by Amos LeBlanc, Ohji Inoue
    POP VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Hedley, “Anything”
    ROCK/ALTERNATIVE VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Sam Roberts Band, “Shapeshifters”
    INTERNATIONAL VIDEO OF THE YEAR – GROUP: Imagine Dragons, “Demons”
    INTERNATIONAL VIDEO OF THE YEAR BY A CANADIAN: Drake feat. Majid Jordan, “Hold On, We’re Going Home”
    FAVE VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Hedley, “Anything”
    VIDEO OF THE YEAR: Hedley, “Anything”

  • Death of Casey Kasem at the age of 82!

    2014/06/16 : 5:08 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    The US radio legend Casey Kasem died on Sunday, the 15th of June. He was 82.
    His death isn't really a big surprise, as he was suffering from advanced Parkinson's Disease and dementia.

    His daughter posted on facebook: "Even though we know he is in a better place and no longer suffering, we are heartbroken."

    We are so sad to learn this news and all our thoughts go to his family!

  • Kelly Clarkson gave birth to her first child!

    2014/06/16 : 5:07 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    On Thursday, the 12th of June, the singer Kelly Clarkson gave birth to her first child, a baby girl named River Ross.

    Congratulations to the parents!

  • J LO was at the World Cup Opener!

    2014/06/16 : 5:07 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    What a pleasure it has been to watch J LO perform at the World Cup Opener.
    After all these rumors, we weren't sure to see her there!
    But she finally came for our best pleasure!

    What did you think of the performance of J LO and Pitt bull?

  • Lana Del Rey shocking confession

    2014/06/16 : 5:06 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    "I Wish I Were Dead Already".
    This quote is taken from a recent interview of Lana Del Rey with the popular Guardian journal.
    We already knew that the singer isn't the type of woman who's too happy, smiling and everything. But saying that is kind of creepy.
    She added: “I don’t want to have to keep doing this, but I am. “Everything,” Lana said about what she wished she didn’t have to keep doing. "That’s just how I feel. If it wasn’t that way, then I wouldn’t say it. I would be scared if I knew [death] was coming, but…” 

  • Michael Schumacher awakes from coma!

    2014/06/16 : 5:04 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Six months after his accident, Michael Schumacher is finally out of the coma.
    The entire world was wondering if Michael will ever wake up…well, he finally did, but no one knows what tomorow is made of…
    So yes, for more news, we guess we have to wait and let him recover!
    It is said that he has been transfered from the hospital in Grenoble to a place that we don't know yet.
    "Michael has left the CHU Grenoble to continue his long phase of rehabilitation. He is not in a coma anymore," his spokeswoman, Sabine Kehm, said in a statement.

  • Does Lea Michele have a new boyfriend?

    2014/06/16 : 5:03 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    The people web site TMZ has revealed that the Glee star Lea Michele may have a new boyfriend.
    Yes, you read right, after Cory Monteith's death, nearly one year ago, Lea may be not single!

    It is not a secret that she planned to start a new relationship after getting over Cory Monteith.
    The gossip said that his name is Matthew Paetz, and guess what? He is, or was, a gigolo!


  • J LO will finally perform at the World Cup Opener!

    2014/06/11 : 5:31 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    So yes, yesterday we learned that J LO won't perfom at the World Cup Opener, but it seems that she changed her mind!
    Indeed, we just learned that she said that she will be there and she will definitly sing the song featuring Pitbull.
    It is said that she changed her mind after realizing that it could be a huge advertising and gain of money for her. At first she didn't want to perform because the journey was too expensive and she wanted all the fees to be assumed by the organisation of the World Cup.


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