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  • New job: Prince William becomes a pilot again

    2014/08/08 : 4:40 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Prince William will take to the sky again: Next month he will already start his emergency services training.

    Britain's royal official announced yesterday that he will train for about five months as an ambulance pilot with "East Anglian Air Ambulance," based at Cambridge Airport.

    If this training will end successfully, he will be carrying out missions in spring 2015.

    This stint is going to be William's main job, though he will of course also continue to take on royal duties.

    To be away from London also means that Prince William has to manage the work-life-balance.

  • Girls-Day: Alessandra Ambrosio and her daughter Anja on a shopping tour

    2014/08/08 : 11:23 AM PDT BY HB Staff

    A normal day in Beverly Hills: Alessandra Ambrosio (33) went shopping with her five year old daughter Anja Louise.

    Mother and daughter wore nice, light summer outfits.

    Anja wore a light blue, comfortable dress and her Mommy wore a casual outfit with hotpants and a floral, patterned blouse.

    Ambrosio had her hair in a loose bun so that her hair wouldn't bother her while shopping.

    Right after the shopping tour, Victoria's Secret Angel Ambrosio bought some cupcakes for the whole family, as well as groceries from "Whole Foods" on their way home.

  • Pixie Lott's New Album

    2014/08/07 : 3:02 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    After three years, the british singer Pixie Lott (23) released a new album on August 4th, 2014. The album carries her name and she is really pleased with its turnout.

    “I think this new album represents me the best – it’s my most personal and mature,” Pixie Lott said in an interview.

    She added: “My early songs sound so young, especially my first album. There was a song on there that I had co-written when I was 14 and my voice sounds so young."

  • Secret Wedding of "Gilmore Girl" Alexis Bledel and Vincent Kartheiser

    2014/08/07 : 12:59 PM PDT BY HB Staff

          Film Stills from "Gilmore Girls" (Episode: Presenting Lorelai Gilmore), Alexis Bledel, 2001


    "Gilmore Girl" Alexis Bledel (32) secretly married Vincent Kartheiser (35) in California back in June.

    The two of them met back in 2012 during the shooting of the movie "Mad Men," in which she had a guest role and he starred as Pete Campbell.

    But they stayed professional and didn't date while shooting the movie: "We were completely professional. We never saw each other out. We never – it was nothing, it was just work," Kartheiser said. They harmonized well together at work and got along great.

  • Mega-Deal: Three of the "Big Bang Theory"-celebs are getting almost the triple salary than before

    2014/08/06 : 1:49 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Let's party: Jim Parsons (41), Johnny Galecki (39) and Kaley Cuoco (28) – the cast of Sheldon Cooper, Leonard Hofstadter and Penny – already know that they'll receive a pay raise.

    From 325.000 dollars, they'll probably get around one million dollars per episode each.

    Several weeks, fans were worried about the future of the popular comedy series "The Big Bang Theory".

    Even though the producers planned three new seasons, the main characters didn't get their new contracts until recently.

  • Not without my bag: Ashley James at "The Inbetweeners 2" world premiere

    2014/08/06 : 11:58 AM PDT BY HB Staff

    Ashley James attended the world premiere of the comedy film "The Inbetweeners 2".

    She wore a floral, colorful skirt with an almost transparent blouse.

    Instead of a purse, she brought a little suitcase with her.

    It's no secret that a woman would love to take her entire wardrobe with her whenever she travels.

    Apparently Ashley James tried, but for the red carpet it might've been a little bit too much.

    Was the outfit she wore not enough? Or was it just a backup for a possible dress emergency?

  • Rosie Huntington-Whiteley talks about the model business

    2014/08/05 : 5:36 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    It's not just business for Rosie Huntington-Whiteley: when she's out in public, she appears like the girl next door.

    She walks around the parking garage wearing a casual outfit: Jeans turned into Capri pants, a white loose-fitting T-Shirt and silver, sparkling high heels.

    She also wears some discreet jewelry and a big green purse.

    Huntington-Whiteley seems to pay more attention to dress comfortably, but still beautiful.

    She said in an interview not long ago, that in the model business, once your appearance starts to fade, a model could disappear immediately.

  • Sandra Bullock is the highest earning actress nowadays

    2014/08/05 : 4:41 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Sandra Bullock didn't get an oscar this year, but her new film "Gravity", in which she played the main role, did and won seven oscars.

    The successful reception of the space thriller, in which Bullock's and Clooney's characters are the only humans floating in space, brought in the majority of her earnings last year.

    As the magazine "Forbes" announced, she earned about 51 million dollars this past year, so that she is the highest-earning actress.

    On the second place, „Hunger Games“-Star Jennifer Lawrence earned 34 millionen dollars the last year.

  • What would Emma Roberts' fiance think of this?

    2014/08/05 : 3:57 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Leaving the "Nine Zero One" hair salon in West Hollywood, Emma Roberts (niece of Julia Roberts) shows off her new shirt.

    At first glance it seems to be a Malboro-shirt, but a closer look at the lettering exposes the following: "Moreboys".

    Is this a statement to her fiance Evan Peters after the recent fight in San Diego?

    After all, it is no secret that they have had issues in the past, such as the fight they had last year in summer, when she hit him.

  • Such a cute baby: Zara Phillips and her baby-girl at the Festival of British Eventing

    2014/08/05 : 1:20 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Zara Phillips, the daughter of princess Anne and her first husband Mark Phillips, takes her youngest daughter Mia Grace Tindall with her to see riders in action at the final day of the Festival of British Eventing in Glustershire. 

    The annual event takes place at Gatcombe Park, the grange of Zara's mother.

    Zara, her mother, as well as her grandparents are all accomplished equestrians.

    For the six month old Mia Grace, it was the first time to attend this event and it was even more exciting to see her mom riding her horse High Kingdom in the competition. During this time, Mia was put in the care of her father, Mike Tindall.

  • Family time is quality time! Gwen Stefani and her five month old baby Apollo

    2014/08/05 : 12:43 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Gwen Stefani (44), the No Doubt frontwoman, enjoys her vacation with her five month old baby Apollo in Saint-Tropez.

    It was the very first time on a boat for Apollo and he was really excited. Before their watery passage, the Stefani-Rossdale clan had just left the beach Club 55.

    Apollo wore a light blue star-spangled dungaree, while his mom Gwen Stefani covered her body from the sun by wearing a long, black lace kaftan.

    She accessorized her outfit with black sunglasses and comfortable sandals.


  • Megan Fox looked stunning in short, white dress at the premiere of "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles"

    2014/08/04 : 5:15 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Yesterday, August 3rd, the premiere of the motion picture sci-fi fantasy movie "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles" took place at the Regency Village Theatre in the Westwood section of Los Angeles. A lot of celebs attended this event and walked over the Red Carpet.

    Especially Megan Fox attracted lots of attention in her white dress which was made by Marc Jacobs. The dress showed off her beautiful long legs and the mini ruched strapless dress was very flattering on her. She accessorized her outfit with Christian Louboutin shoes, a silver clutch and a bracelet.

  • Kylie Minogue feels honored to perform at the Commonwealth Games

    2014/08/04 : 4:24 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Kylie Minogue, 46, felt honored to have been chosen to perform the closing act at the Commonwealth Games, which took place from July 24th until August 3rd in Glasgow. 256 medal events in 17 different sport categories were held over 11 days.

    Minogue wore a sexy pink bodysuit á la Moulin-Rouge and accessorized her outfit with black over-the-knee boots and a big, black feathery headdress.

    40,000 people came to Hampden Park to listen to her sing and watch her perform her classics, such as "Love at First Sight," "All the Lovers," "Beautiful" and her 80s classic "The Locomotion."

  • Katy Perry performed at the White House

    2014/08/01 : 4:52 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Instead of wearing a short skirt as usual, Katy Perry (29) dressed up conservatively and elegant for her performance at the White House yesterday, July 31st, 2014. President Barack Obama (52) outed himself to be a big fan and asked her to sing at the 46th anniversary of the Special Olympics.

    Obama said: "We have just one of my favorite people performing tonight — Katy Perry. I love Katy Perry. We are so grateful to her.”

    Wearing a beautiful, sparkling, royal blue evening gown, she performed several of her songs, including the just-released song "This Is How We Do." 

  • Lindsay Lohan hangs out in Ibiza

    2014/07/31 : 4:11 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Summertime! It seems as if all of Hollywood is relaxing someplace at the beach. While most of the ladies use this opportunity to show off their trained bodies to the paparazzi, Lindsay Lohan is just hanging out, literally.

    While the bathing suit looks athletic from the front, a look to the side and back shows too much.

    The neon yellow bathing suit worn by Lindsay Lohan is not very flattering, to say it nicely. It does not give her any support, which some say presents that gravity has already started to strike.

  • Pop Meets Jazz: Lady Gaga records jazz album with jazz legend Tony Bennett

    2014/07/30 : 1:11 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    The pop singer Lady Gaga is always up for a surprise. This time she didn't astonish the world with a crazy outfit: she is releasing a jazz album called "Cheek to Cheek" in the fall (September 19th) with the jazz singer Tony Bennett.

    It is no rarity for two musicians to collaborate, but in this case, it is a bit odd.

    The two of them met at the Robin Hood Foundation Benefit Gala in New York City in 2011. Lady Gaga performed a cover of Nat King Cole's "Orange Colored Sky" and Tony Bennett watched the performance.

  • Is Baby Number Two On Its Way?

    2014/07/29 : 3:24 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    The newest gossip that's flaring up online is that Shakira (37) and her boyfriend, soccer player Gerard Piqué (27), are expecting a baby. They already have one son together. Milan is now 19 months old.

    If the gossip is true, then they are probably ecstatic to become parents at the end of the year once again, and that Milan will have a little baby sibling with which to play.

    Pregnancy rumors started, when Shakira performed her song "La La La (Brazil 2014) before the Germany vs. Argentina soccer game about two weeks ago. Some media professionals thought they could see a small baby bump during the performance and that the bump was also visible on the photos.

  • Vanessa Hudgens looks stunning at the 16th Young Hollywood Awards

    2014/07/28 : 1:01 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    The 2014 Young Hollywood Awards took place on July 27th at the Wiltern Theater in Los Angeles, California. This marked the 16th year that this event has taken place.

    Vanessa Hudgens received the "Trendsetter of the Year award," and wore a sexy blue crop top with a full-length white skirt.

    She accessorized her outfit with lots of silver bracelets and a white, feathery clutch. She wore her hair open and showed off her freshly manicured, artifical nails.

    The actress blew kisses to fans as she posed for snaps before she walked the line at the hugely popular award show for Hollywood's brightest young stars.

  • Prince Charles attends the Audi International for The Coronation Cup

    2014/07/27 : 12:23 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    Royal visit at the Audi International for The Coronation Cup on Saturday, July 26th, 2014, when England played versus Argentina.

    Prince Charles was the most famous guest at this event, which took place at Smith’s Lawn in the Windsor Great Park. This event is Great Britain's most high-profile polo event and takes place every year.

    After Prince Charles evened out the lawn during half time, he had to watch his English team lose to the most dominant polo nation in the world, the Gauchos. England lost 13 to 8.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio spends time with girlfriend Toni Garrn in St. Tropez

    2014/07/25 : 3:50 PM PDT BY HB Staff

    St. Tropez is one of the most popular hot spots for the celebs, which is shown once again by Leonardo DiCaprio.

    Leonardo DiCaprio is a superstar, who starred in movies such as "The Great Gatsby" and "The Wolf of Wall Street" in the past two years. Almost everybody in the world knows his face. The 39 year old used this popularity to host a charity gala on Wednesday on the French Riviera at the Domain Bertraud Belieu vineyard in St. Tropez. He said: "‘We are facing a tipping point of environmental crisis unprecedented in human history. Our forests, which clean our air, purify our water, and are our best natural defence against climate change, are being clear-cut at alarming rates.'


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